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About Us

Thank you for considering Phat Rides USA! If you’re looking for adventure, there is no better way to tour Scottsdale and the surrounding areas then with Phat Rides USA. We are the only electric bike and scooter rental company in Scottsdale that offer the RadRover, RadMini and Phat Scooter.

We were inspired to start and run this business to do something that was fun, positive and allows people to get outdoors. Just the thought of the adventure you are going to take with us should bring a smile to your face. We anticipate that our customers will be excited about what they’re going to experience and we aim to exceed their expectations.

WE RENT FUN AND SMILES! We love that we make memories, promote good living and provide enjoyment in the process. It’s all about the customer. Join us with a smile, ride giggling and leave laughing. All we’re asking from you is to ride safe, enjoy our time together and having a positive experience.

Our favorite reaction from our guests, and when we know we’ve delivered on our promise, is when the uncontrollable laughing starts and we have to pull over to clear the tears from our eyes. Nothing brings us more joy and the best part is it becomes contagious.

If you are looking to get out, see Scottsdale and the surrounding areas, we encourage you to come out and experience the good times that are waiting for you. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Thank you in advance,

Bobby Corrales
Owner and Founder of Phat Rides USA

bobby corrales, owner of phat rides usa in scottsdale arizona

bobby corrales on electric scooter scottsdale

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