Enjoying the Scottsdale Greenbelt

The family and I had a blast riding e-bikes on the greenbelt on a sunny day in Scottsdale, AZ. I was on a fat tire Rad Power Radrover bike and the wife and kids were on a Radwagon. Riding the trail on electric bikes turned what would have been a tiresome ride into something fun and enjoyable. It also cut the time it would take to ride so far by at least 75% so we could still have our day after.

Phat Rides USA, Electric Bikes Of Scottsdale

Phat Rides USA, Electric Bikes of Scottsdale features a wide range of ebikes & electric scooter rentals in Scottsdale. We are the only location in the Scottsdale area offering Rad Power Bike rentals. Visit our Scottsdale location, book online or give us a call at (480) 431-2230 to rent, demo or request a purchase.

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